Stress and Healing

On my journey to embody family wellness I feel like what is currently big for me is remaining calm (trying my best 😬). Remaining calm within my body… feeling at ease, and remaining calm whilst in the midst of stressful moments with the kids.

But how do we do this??? This is an ongoing practise for me. Less stress = More calm.

I feel there are layers to combating stress because that’s what will help us feel more calm.

-The outer layer is the easy stuff like having enough sleep, food and water.

-Then below that, you have things you have to make a conscious effort at, like deep, slow breathing and exercise, both vigorous and calming (yoga/ meditation). Spending time doing things you enjoy, like being in nature.

-Now we’re into the gritty stuff, the stuff that requires real thought and reflection…

  • What is triggering your stress in this situation??

For example I am frustrated at the kids for taking so long and I’m loosing it with them but deep down if I think about it I am feeling guilty because I haven’t done enough to prepare and I myself still have things to do and this realisation is stressing me out. Or another example is getting angry at a child when they’re acting out in a shop because you are (feeling self-conscious) and more worried about what onlookers might be thinking.

  • Are you really being present?

My number 2 doesn’t have a lot of patience (which is normal for a child but number one was far more forgiving). So when she says ‘Mum, look at my picture’ once or twice but I’m too caught up in my thoughts or what I’m doing and I hear it but it doesn’t quite register. She then says it again and again without a break, yelling at me- I then snap back ‘what!’ and I’m frustrated at her for yelling at me, even though it was my fault for not being more present and out of my own thoughts.

Being present and understanding what is triggering our stress responses are valuable tools in staying calm.

It is vital to then recover from these behaviours – for my first example: “Sorry I yelled, I’ve realised how many things I still need to do”. When you realise what you’re doing it does make it easier to try and get a grip on it.

If there are layers to stress I believe there are layers to healing as well.

Perhaps your body is feeling stressed because of a poor diet and gut issues. Perhaps your body is full of toxins. Healing these things through dietary changes and detoxification will help resolve some stress.

Perhaps your body is feeling stressed because it is out of whack and you need to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Perhaps your body is feeling stressed because you are carrying emotional burdens. Seek help, talking to friends, family or even professionals will help resolve some of the stress.

(Brain Gym and the educational kinesiology practises are able to assist in identifying and resolving all of the above stressors and I would be more than happy to work with you- so get in touch if this interests you).

What are you doing to heal? Time for yourself? Massage? 💆‍♀️ Talking to a psychologist? Time outdoors? 🌿

If EVERY BODY (man and woman) were taking ongoing steps to heal I believe the world would be a much happier place. We would feel less stressed and the children in our world would also be much happier and at ease.

Boobie Smoothie

Most breastfeeding mums would have heard of ‘Boobie Bikkies’. If you haven’t, you must be one of the lucky mums that has never had an issue with milk supply. I’m onto my third breastfed baby and thankfully each one has got easier. Breastfeeding in itself didn’t come easy for my first, then add food sensitivities (yes through my breastmilk) and then add supply concerns. (I think that a lot of my supply concerns were just my lack of belief in my own body’s ability). On to my third, doubts are all gone, however, there are definitely still times that I haven’t eaten or drunk enough for whatever reason and this results in a lower supply of milk.

Hurray for ‘Boobie Bikkies’. Pinky McCay formulated a recipe (and actually makes the biscuits too) to help breastfeeding mothers with their energy / nutrient intake and increase milk supply.

However, now on number three I don’t always make time for baking and I’m also conscious about gluten / dairy / sugar. I found myself trialling different recipes to  make the biscuits a bit ‘healthier’. I’m not implying the biscuits are unhealthy because they do have gluten and dairy free options, but just wanted to improve them a little. The raw dough is also said to be more effective than the cooked sooo I got the thinking… Why not just add the vital ingredients (oats, flax seeds and brewers yeast) into a smoothie!!

Enter the Boobie Smoothie!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I couldn’t believe the effectiveness… Made it in the afternoon and by morning va va vooom. 🐄 I think the effectiveness is also increased because being a smoothie you are including food and liquid in one. I wish I had thought of this with the first baby, it would have saved a lot of worries about supply.

Quick. Easy. Modify to whatever flavour you like. No sugar. No flour. No dairy. Win. Win. Absolute win.

I include the Juice Plus ‘Complete’ protein powder as this adds a whole lot of other nutrients and it also tastes amazing. See this link for more information on the Complete protein shakes.

Below is the base recipe. Then add other fruit/ ingredients for different flavours.

Boobie Smoothie

  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1 to 2tsp flax seeds
  • 1 to 2tsp brewers yeast
  • 1 cup of rice milk or alternative
  • 1 Complete sachet (If not using you may like to include nuts, dates / honey or other nutritional boosters)

Blitz until smooth. Enjoy 😋

Additions / flavours

  • Handful of spinach and 1 Frozen banana with vanilla sachet.


  • Frozen blueberries with chocolate sachet

or strawberry, raspberry, mango, apple, pear… the list goes on and on!

Please share this with your breastfeeding friends or family members to make their life so much simpler.

Men’s Health

This week: 10th – 16th June is Men’s Health Week 👊🏻

From the picture you can see there is some seriously scary statistics for men – especially in the work place. Mental health awareness for men is definitely growing, however I think there is still a long way to go.

As a mum I often see the memes and sayings about being a mum and how hard it is. There’s one I love which compares raising children 20 years ago to now… Now it’s all about free range, organic, attached but not helicopter parents, ensuring we cater to physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs etc 😱😂 and it’s soooo true! There’s so much information out there and with social media, it has become so easy to compare! But we forget that everyone is doing something but no one is doing everything. We put the pressure on ourselves to meet these often unattainable expectations.

What is NOT talked about so much though, is the men’s role. I feel as though today’s men have it just as tough. We want them to be strong leaders that earn good money. They’re expected to work all day, then come home and help with chores. They need to be able to do the repairs around the house and on the car. After all that they need to be around for the family and be hands on dads. It’s a lot of roles for them to also fill. We expect men nowadays to be more sensitive, respectful and communicative but we still want them to be the strong, tough, protective and not weak.

Us women get to have a wine and a winge to friends about how tough we’ve had it and we support each other by venting and talking it out. Men do not as easily express themselves and are not always around other men that can also easily communicate, problem solve and express themselves.

Have I got it all wrong though?!? I’m sure there are men out there filling all the roles and requirements (if you’ve got one- give them an extra pat on the back because I think they’re pretty rare).

Either way, now is a good opportunity for me to give a shout out to the man that looks after us. I’m always bagging him out but rarely say the good things 😬 He is such a hard working, loyal man, who’s always making us laugh! 🤗 Today or this week let the men in your life know you love them, care for them and respect them. Let them know they have a safe space with us to vent their feelings if they’re feeling pressured to fill ALL the roles. Their mental health, which determines physical health is important to us and to everyone.

We all need to look after each other🤝 🤗😘

All the Goodness

My secret weapon in feeling full of life… A capsule full of goodness.

I was introduced Juice Plus over a year ago. A close friend started on the products and I was watching her flourish, I had not prioritised the expense and kept putting it off. Then I fell pregnant, as I was progressing through my third pregnancy I felt more and more drained. I was feeling grumpy with the kids most the time and getting out of bed was such an effort, despite being a morning person. Not fun. I got to the point where I knew something had to be done. I was already taking pregnancy vitamins, iron and vitamin C but still feeling rubbish. So I thought I would give Juice Plus a try.

One of the ladies that I heard about Juice Plus from, spoke about her success with her autoimmune condition. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition affecting my blood platelets and my body’s ability to clot as well as my energy levels. Over the years I have learnt how diet can impact greatly on autoimmune conditions and general well-being. Even with the best eating habits over the last 4 years I haven’t seen much of a change to my platelets and energy levels. Within 3 weeks of taking the Juice Plus capsules my platelets increased by 18, which is significant and went to 98 (only been this high once or twice ever in my history of testing).

After 3 months I began to realise all the gradual changes that had been occurring. I was waking up and getting out of bed straight away, I was joking and playing with the kids more and generally feeling pretty good. I was doing more and more as my pregnancy progressed because I was full of energy. I had a quick recovery from the birth and even with broken nights sleep every night, I had zero brain fog.

The results are awesome considering it is just fruit and vegetables. There is a growing gap in between what our body needs and what we get, given our fast paced, high stress society and mediocre quality of fresh produce. Then there’s Juice Plus: A wholefood, plant based supplement with absolutely no nasties that has a variety of over 30 different fruits and veggies everyday! Unlike synthetic supplements the body recognises all of the ingredients in the capsules and can there fore easily absorb all the nutrients effectively.

Now as a breastfeeding mumma I am able to supplement my diet with ‘Complete’ – a whole food, plant based, shake mix. This gives me the iron and nutrients I need to keep my body fuelled and ready for action as a mum of 3.

The process in which the ingredients are encapsulated is what really sold me. It has now become part of my passion to share these products with others so they can feel the amazing benefits too. Just as the results from the capsules took me by surprise, so did the community I became part of. Women supporting women, with a focus on personal growth, connecting with and helping others to become their best. Being surrounded by like minded people has been so inspiring and keeps me on track with my purpose and passion.

For more information on the products check out the Juice Plus page or get in touch




Well it’ been over a year since my last blog!! 😱 I thought I would have restarted a month or two after Oleena was born but with building a house, doing the bookwork for my husbands electrical business, training in Educational Kinesiology and raising two small kids, it just didn’t happen.

The blog started as a way for me to share what I have learnt about the digestive health. It actually made me accountable in those final few (and most important) weeks of my pregnancy with Oleena. I continued with a dairy, sugar and gluten free diet for the first few months of Oleenas life with me breastfeeding and this all seemed to have paid off. I introduced new foods into my diet while breastfeeding and Oleena had no adverse reactions. Then when introducing foods to her, I chose to hold off on gluten and dairy until after 6 months when I believe her stomach was strong enough, and sure enough she didn’t have any reactions- only some minor changes in her diaper which is totally normal when they are processing new foods. It could have been the diet, delaying introduction or different genetic make-up (or it could be all the factors combined) that has resulted in Oleena having significantly better food tolerance than Finlay.

As mentioned something else I have been up to over the last year is training in Educational Kinesiology ‘Brain Gym®’. Researching into natural healing, being a teacher and graduate of Sport Science, Brain Gym® has been a very natural progression and combines all my passions together. Now that I am a qualified Brain Gym® Consultant I am turning my passion into a business and can work one on one or small group sessions helping both children and adults heal their body, mind and spirit and assist them to achieve their goals. Head over to the ‘Brain Gym’ page for more information.

I will continue to discuss and share information on nutrition and digestive health but will also be including information on Brain Gym®, brain and body functioning… Encompassing whole body well-being!

Michele xox

Essential Oils

A few months ago one of my lovely friend introduced me to the world of DoTerra Essential Oils. The oils were the product I had been searching for since having Finlay. Whenever he was unwell with a snuffly nose, teething or had a temperature, my husbands first response was always “Do you want me to go to the chemist and get some…” Which was my husband only wanting to do what he thought was the best for Finlay. However, I would wait until absolutely necessary to give him the medicine because I just didn’t feel it was the ‘right’ thing to do (my version of wanting to do the best for Finlay too).

Now I have this amazing resource of oils that not only help with fixing ailments but work as a preventative measure as well, which has been very empowering. My main priority has been for healing & wellness for Finlay. For example, there is an oil blend called Digestzen which has been extremely beneficial for improving his digestive system. The oils can replace beauty products, medicines and chemicals for cleaning in your home. Overall this is going to help everyone’s health and well being with less toxins getting in our bodies!

DoTerra oils are ‘pure, potent and effective’. The quality of DoTerra oils means they can be used aromatically and topically but they can also be used internally. Every morning I start the day with a large glass of water with a drop of lemon oil 😋 I’ve made my own tooth paste which Finlay can also use without me worrying about the chemicals 😁 The uses for the oils are endless. Ensure you are using the right amount of oil and use a carrier oil where necessary (dilutes the oil and also helps absorption) this is especially important when using the oils with your children or if you are pregnant.

Fantastic Ferments

Our top three game changers have been chicken broth, fermented veggies and ghee. Game changers because of the health benefits we received from including them in our diet and also for their tastiness! Today I’m talking about fermented veggies.

Information and recipes are from Sally Fallons ‘Nourishing traditions’.

The process of fermented vegetables and fruits, has been around forever. It is how our ancestors preserved foods to have them available all year round without the use of freezers or canning machines. Lactobacilli (lactic acid producing bacteria) are found on the surface of all living things, especially on leaves and roots of plants growing near the ground. Through preserving / fermenting, lactobacilli multiplies. This enhances digestibility and increases vitamin levels, enzymes, antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances.

If you are taking a probiotic that is great but the added bonus of fermented vegetables is that they travel further down the digestive system (unlike the powder substance of a probiotic which is absorbed earlier in the digestive tract).

So I hope I have convinced you to give fermented veggies a try! Fermented veggies are great to add to your plate when eating meat (to aid in digestion of the meat). Do not heat fermented veggies otherwise it will destroy all the good bacteria.

Below are 2 recipes that I use. The recipes call for whey- whey is the watery liquid at the top of your yogurt- if you are going to use this, make sure it is strained so it is just the liquid and there are no the milk solids). If this isn’t available you can use an additional tablespoon of sea salt. I use real deal sea salt for this- ‘Salt of the Earth, Hand Harvested Coarse Celtic Sea Salt). It is not beautiful and white but it hasn’t been processed at all…


  • 1 medium cabbage, cored & shredded
  • 1 tablespoon on sea salt
  • 4 tablespoons of whey (or additional tablespoon of sea salt).

Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix and then pound with a wooden pounder for 10 minutes to release the juices. I have found adding the cabbage straight into the mason jar a bit at a time and then pounding makes it easier, again you just add more cabbage when the juices start to be released.

Cover tightly. If there is room in the jar the air will turn the top part brown so I usually stuff the top with the outer leaves of the cabbage so there is as little air as possible. Then you can leave it on the bench for 3 days (or longer during winter). Gas can build up in the process so once or twice open the top to let the gas out, before transferring it into the fridge.

Beet Kvass

  • 12 medium beets
  • Seeds from cardamom pods (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • 4 tablespoons of whey (or additional tablespoon of sea salt)
  • 1 cup of filtered water

Peel and cut beets into julienne strips or use the cheese slicer on a grater, (do not grate the beets though as this releases too much juice and will produce alcohol rather than lactic acid). Place beets in mason jar and push down slightly with wooden pounder. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over beets. The top of the beets should be at least 1 inch below the top of the jar. Cover tightly, leave on the bench for 3 days (or longer in winter) before transferring to the fridge. (Above picture includes grated carrot as an extra).

Both of these recipes require practise (did for me anyway)… The beets can produce a scum on the top, I scoop this out or wipe with paper towel daily. Generally ferments are pretty hardy and forgiving. That being said, I do stick to these easy, safe options but there are so many other varieties out there. So if you are more adventurous with your ferments and try something that works well, please let me know!!