Hi I’m Michele. I’m 34, mum of three gorgeous kiddies with my husband Dave. I was born in Zimbabwe, lived there till I was 8 years old and then we moved to Perth, Western Australia. 

I have spent my entire working life teaching children; swimming, lifesaving, in child care centres and schools. I studied Sports Science at ECU followed by a Diploma of Education (Primary). After this I got a job with Bluearth as a ‘Physical Education Coach’ which was an awesome job. I got to work outdoors with students and teachers in schools, teaching them a holistic, engaging and challenging approach to Physical Education. Unfortunately the job required a lot of driving around to schools and after 4 years in it I still felt like I didn’t ‘belong’ anywhere. From this I managed to land a classroom teaching job in one of the schools I was doing Bluearth. I enjoyed the change and being settled and then a couple of years later I fell pregnant.

When my first child was born, he had some digestive issues which opened up a whole new world of ‘health’ to me. I had previously thought being healthy was being active and I was learning how vital gut health is. I spent 2 years learning about and following various diets for my son and also myself as I was uncovering and dealing with my own digestive health issues. 

On the path of whole body wellbeing I then discovered Educational Kinesiology – ‘Brain Gym’. Brain Gym uses movements to create new pathways in the brain. It was the perfect addition to my qualifications as it combined everything from my past studies and combines my passion for movement and wellbeing. It blows my mind what can be achieved with Brain Gym and being able to make positive changes for myself and others is very rewarding. For more information head to the Brain Gym page.

The final addition to my ‘work’ is becoming a Juice Plus fanatic. When I was introduced to these awesome little capsules full of whole food goodness of fruit and vegetables, I didn’t realise they’d have the impact on my life that they did. It was only natural that I wanted to share this with everyone. You can see the Juice Plus page to read about the products or check out my blog post to read about how they impact on my life daily. Never wanting to be a slave to the 9 to 5, thanks to Brain Gym and Juice Plus I can be at home with my kiddies, which has always been important to me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, feel free to leave any comments or questions. You can subscribe to receive notifications of a new post here.

With love,
Michele xo

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