Hi, thanks for visiting. Come and join me on the journey to ‘Embody Family Wellness’!  As a mum of 3, Teacher and Brain Gym® Instructor, my whole life has been about children, education, health and well-being. On the path of continual self improvement, my passion is to lead by example for my family and those around me, share my knowledge and experiences to improve the lives of others. There is a well-being movement happening and I hope to capture you so you can be a part of the healing, sharing and uplifting too!

How I aim to help you on your path to Embody Family Wellness…

  • As a qualified Educational Kinesiologist / Brain Gym® Instructor I provide one on one appointments to help you or your loved ones, make positive changes for body, mind and spirit. Check out the Brain Gym® page for more information.
  • Be a source of valid and current information on whole body wellbeing from nutrition and exercise to gut health and brain functioning.
  • Welcome you to be part of the Juice Plus community that is all about health and well-being. For more details about this beautiful community and the products check out this blog.


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