chungkuk-bae-241046How I aim to help you on your path to Embody Family Wellness…

  • Be a source of valid and current information on whole body wellbeing from nutrition and exercise to gut health and brain functioning.
  • Provide hands on assistance as a qualified Educational Kinesiologist / Brain Gym® Instructor.

What is Brain Gym®

Brain gym is series of 26 simple body movements that are used to integrate the brain and in turn, enhance lives. The movements were created by Dr Paul Dennison and Gail Dennison in 1986 after many years of research into the link between movement and learning. The Dennisons have continued their research and developed their work, known as Educational Kinesiology, or Edu-K. The 26 Brain Gym movements are now a small component of this much larger body of work.

Who does Brain Gym® help and what are the potential benefits:

Not limited to:

  • Students of all ages from pre – school to University- assisting them to read, write, focus, comprehend and remember.
  • Business people- to improve clear thinking, communication, time management, organisation and interpersonal skills.
  • Sports people- to improve performance through coordination, confidence and peripheral vision.
  • Parents and people working with children- to assist their students / children and also assist themselves in their ability to remain calm and think clearly under pressure.
  • Children and adults with learning challenges for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and ADHD- to reduce stress and improve learning.
  • Anyone living with stress.

If you or any of your family members would like a session with me please contact me via the contact page


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