The Last Year 

Well it’ been over a year since my last blog!! 😱 I thought I would have restarted a month or two after Oleena was born but with building a house, doing the bookwork for my husbands electrical business, training in Educational Kinesiology and raising two small kids, it just didn’t happen.

The blog started as a way for me to share what I have learnt about the digestive health. It actually made me accountable in those final few (and most important) weeks of my pregnancy with Oleena. I continued with a dairy, sugar and gluten free diet for the first few months of Oleenas life with me breastfeeding and this all seemed to have paid off. I introduced new foods into my diet while breastfeeding and Oleena had no adverse reactions. Then when introducing foods to her, I chose to hold off on gluten and dairy until after 6 months when I believe her stomach was strong enough, and sure enough she didn’t have any major reactions- only minor changes in her diaper which is totally normal when they are processing new foods. It could have been the diet, delaying introduction or different genetic make-up (or it could be all the factors combined) that has resulted in Oleena having significantly better food tolerance than Finlay.

As mentioned something else I have been up to over the last year is training in Educational Kinesiology ‘Brain Gym®. This stemmed from my introduction into DoTerra oils when I was looking into natural healing. Being a teacher and graduate of Sport Science, Brain Gym® has been a very natural progression and combines all my passions together.

Now that I am a qualified Brain Gym® Consultant I am turning my passion into a business and can work one on one or small group sessions helping people heal their body, mind and spirit and assist them to achieve their goals. I will be launching my business ‘Embody Family Wellness’ in the new year and you will see I have changed the website accordingly.

I will continue to discuss and share information on nutrition and digestive health but will also be including information on Brain Gym®, brain and body functioning… Encompassing whole body well-being!

Michele xox

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