Well it’ been over a year since my last blog!! 😱 I thought I would have restarted a month or two after Oleena was born but with building a house, doing the bookwork for my husbands electrical business, training in Educational Kinesiology and raising two small kids, it just didn’t happen.

The blog started as a way for me to share what I have learnt about the digestive health. It actually made me accountable in those final few (and most important) weeks of my pregnancy with Oleena. I continued with a dairy, sugar and gluten free diet for the first few months of Oleenas life with me breastfeeding and this all seemed to have paid off. I introduced new foods into my diet while breastfeeding and Oleena had no adverse reactions. Then when introducing foods to her, I chose to hold off on gluten and dairy until after 6 months when I believe her stomach was strong enough, and sure enough she didn’t have any reactions- only some minor changes in her diaper which is totally normal when they are processing new foods. It could have been the diet, delaying introduction or different genetic make-up (or it could be all the factors combined) that has resulted in Oleena having significantly better food tolerance than Finlay.

As mentioned something else I have been up to over the last year is training in Educational Kinesiology ‘Brain Gym®’. Researching into natural healing, being a teacher and graduate of Sport Science, Brain Gym® has been a very natural progression and combines all my passions together. Now that I am a qualified Brain Gym® Consultant I am turning my passion into a business and can work one on one or small group sessions helping both children and adults heal their body, mind and spirit and assist them to achieve their goals. Head over to the ‘Brain Gym’ page for more information.

I will continue to discuss and share information on nutrition and digestive health but will also be including information on Brain Gym®, brain and body functioning… Encompassing whole body well-being!

Michele xox

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