Essential Oils

A few months ago one of my lovely friend introduced me to the world of DoTerra Essential Oils. The oils were the product I had been searching for since having Finlay. Whenever he was unwell with a snuffly nose, teething or had a temperature, my husbands first response was always “Do you want me to go to the chemist and get some…” Which was my husband only wanting to do what he thought was the best for Finlay. However, I would wait until absolutely necessary to give him the medicine because I just didn’t feel it was the ‘right’ thing to do (my version of wanting to do the best for Finlay too).

Now I have this amazing resource of oils that not only help with fixing ailments but work as a preventative measure as well, which has been very empowering. My main priority has been for healing & wellness for Finlay. For example, there is an oil blend called Digestzen which has been extremely beneficial for improving his digestive system. The oils can replace beauty products, medicines and chemicals for cleaning in your home. Overall this is going to help everyone’s health and well being with less toxins getting in our bodies!

DoTerra oils are ‘pure, potent and effective’. The quality of DoTerra oils means they can be used aromatically and topically but they can also be used internally. Every morning I start the day with a large glass of water with a drop of lemon oil 😋 I’ve made my own tooth paste which Finlay can also use without me worrying about the chemicals 😁 The uses for the oils are endless. Ensure you are using the right amount of oil and use a carrier oil where necessary (dilutes the oil and also helps absorption) this is especially important when using the oils with your children or if you are pregnant.

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